Philly AGI Team

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We are the Philly AGI Team at Temple University. We do research and experiments in the field of Artificial General Intelligence.

Current Focus

OpenNARS Technical Tutorial (Past: AGI systems and cognitive architectures, Program Learning) OpenNARS-Technical-Tutorial


May 15, 2018: OpenNARS workshop. OpenNARS

April, 2018: Autocatalytic Endogenous Reflective Architecture

April, 2018: Sigma Cognitive Architecture Sigma

March, 2018: Architectures from the Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies research group: FARG

February 21, 2018: ACT-R: A cognitive architecture based on a production system. ACT-R

February 21, 2018: February 14, 2018: MicroPsi agent architecture: Interaction of emotion, motivation and cognition of situated agents; Psi theory of Dietrich Dörner. Principles of synthetic intelligence

February 7, 2018: LIDA: A System-level Architecture for Cognition, Emotion, and Learning LIDA Framework

January 31, 2018: Bayesian inference in AI. Human-level concept learning through probabilistic program induction

January 24, 2018: The state of OpenNARS and of the LazyMiner project. LazyMiner, OpenNARS

November 3, 2017: Program Learning in NARS, week 2: Log intervals, usage of declarative knowledge, working examples. Open-NARS source code, NARS-related publications

October 27, 2017: Program Learning in NARS, week 1: Temporal Induction, Anticipation, Inference Control, Projection and Eternalization. Related paper: OpenNARS

October 20, 2017: Deep Learning, week 2: CNN’s, RNN’s, LSTM’s, inherent issues of Deep Learning.

October 6, 2017: Deep Learning, week 1: Perceptron, ANN’s with multiple layers, Backpropagation, Convolution and Max-Pooling, recent developments in Deep Learning.

September 28, 2017: Reinforcement Learning, week 2: Deep Reinforcement Learning etc.

September 21, 2017: Reinforcement Learning, week 1: Bellman equation, MDPs, POMDPs, QLearning, Credit Assignment etc. Related discussion: Credit assignment in NARS

September 15, 2017: Evoluationary Programming, week 2: Stack and Grammar Based Genetic Programming, involving Types, GA on Neural Networks as in NEAT, Learned Classifier Systems etc. Related discussion: Genetic Programming Week II

September 8, 2017: Basics related to Genetic Algorithm, Genetic Programming, Evolutionary Programming, related discussions: Intelligence vs. Evolution, related repositories: UnitGP


Natural Language Processing by Reasoning and Learning

Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System solving the Facebook AI Research bAbI tasks

Emotions in NARS

Understanding as Conceptualizing

LazyMiner Project

Natural Language Processing in NARS: Preliminary Experiments

Perception in NARS

Sensorimotor in NARS

On Defining Artificial Intelligence

Open-NARS Group

Internal Team Discussion


Pei Wang

Xiang Li

Patrick Hammer

Bill Power

Peter Isaev

Hongzheng Wang